.Our KA975 low pressure ceramic diffuser operates at 2 psi, and produces a uniformed bubble pattern with micro bubbles that dramatically improves the efficiency of a battery operated bubble aerator.
With proper care, your investment in a low pressure ceramic diffuser will provide many years of service as you replace worn out bubble aerators. Keeping your bait healthy and lively is the key to enjoyable fishing!

When using pure oxygen systems for surf fishing or maintaining bait, a quality battery operated bubble aerator coupled with ourKA975 ceramic diffuser, is a perfect companion to provide degassing of CO2 when external power supplies are an issue. Neither system requires external power.


KA975 comes complete with 1’ hose and reducing barb to adapt to your bubble aerator.


Low Pressure Ceramic Diffuser $49.95

KA970-02 Diffuser $49.95

Features and Benefits

1.     The KA970 is one of the most efficient diffusers on the market. It uses less gas and requires fewer diffusers to achieve the same results.
2.     The diffuser is attached to the bottom with 3 suction cups
3.     The diffuser is attached to the bottom with 3 suction cups.
4.     Easy to install and simple to operate. It requires no power or complex attachment procedures.
5.     Warranty - 2 years covering defective materials and workmanship.

Diffusing Area: 3"  Diameter (7.6 cm) 7 sq. inches
Overall Size: 4.5" DiameterType your paragraph here.

Ceramic Diffuser $49.95

(for Oxygen Systems)

Information about Diffusers

One of the simplest ways to dissolve oxygen in water is to introduce the oxygen as small bubbles. The smaller the bubbles the more efficient the absorption of oxygen. Microbubble oxygen diffusers producesa cloud of extremely fine bubbles - 100 to 500 microns. This is much finer than graphite or carborundum diffusers, or porous hose.

Our diffusers uses an ultra fine pore ceramic plate which ensures uniform bubbles across its entire surface. The ceramic is a clean and inert material.  A quality diffuser is extremely important. Any lesser quality diffuser will produce larger bubbles and consume more oxygen. They are ideal when a 12 volt source is not available.

Multiple diffusers can be used with one regulator to feed multiple livewells. Our oxygen diffusers requires a regulator with a minimum of 25-35 lbs of output pressure