Refilling your oxygen cylinder is serious business.  At Oxybait we take this procedure very seriously.  Filling has specific procedures which must be carefully followed to prevent damage to your cylinder.  We use the proper containment systems for your protection.  These containment systems cost in excess of $7500.00 and are not used by most refill locations.  These systems are necessary for safety in case of cylinder failure while filling.

1. All cylinders for yours and our protection, must be in current date.  Cylinders are good for 5 years from the original date and subsequent hydrostatic testing dates are good for 5 years.

2.  Tanks must be kept clean and not have any oils, grease of other contaminants

3. inspecting the oxygen cylinder for damage prior to re-filling is mandatory,

4. Cylinders made of aluminum alloy 6351-T6 will not be refilled. Customers should be aware if their cylinder is made of aluminum alloy 6351-T6, These type of cylinders are not safe and should not be used.  

5. Do not overfill a cylinder to greater than marked service pressure,

6.  Do not fill or use a cylinder that is beyond its required retest date.

7.. Any evidence of a crack or crack-like defect may require further evaluation.

The cost to refill cylinders is $1.00 per cubic foot.



Refilling Your Oxygen Cylinder